Mission and Values

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to help people and shine a sunbeam into their life, to make them happy. As I became older I began to realise that life is not as simple as that. I cannot ‘make’ people happy and if I cannot make people happy then what does that mean about me and what is ‘happiness’ anyway? I do know that happiness is subjective and individual. I also know that we start to become aware of what we want and who we are, through relationship. Counselling is a form of relationship which can help to bring clarity.

Ultimately I am on a mission to help people discover how amazing they are and to shine light on those gifts while at the same time acknowledging our pain. I believe that we do not find happiness by ‘making’ ourselves happy but instead by allowing our pain as well, by learning how to be with our pain and suffering and in so doing, in time, we have more and more room for JOY. Joy is not the absence of suffering, joy encompasses ALL our feelings, not just the ‘happy’ ones. I believe it is necessary for me to be in relationship with my whole self, not just my ‘happy good’ self. Because I am a transpersonal counsellor I feel it is important to be aware of the bigger picture. I have a spiritual approach in my practice but not religious. In fact it is because of my spiritual belief that I have survived. Somehow in the middle of all the pain in my childhood I always knew there was a greater purpose. This does not mean that abuse is necessary, not at all, and abuse NEVER EVER makes sense. However, in the tangled web of shame and guilt, pain and despair, it is possible to find oneself and ultimately free oneself and experience self love.

I have tattoos with the words SUNBEAMS, LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, SURRENDER, all written in warm colours. My tattoos are a constant reminder to me of my personal mission and my values. For me, the way to love, hope, faith and light has been via surrendering my victim self. On one of my tattoos the word surrender is written on a sword because, to me, surrendering is not about allowing my victim self to be in charge but instead surrendering to my whole self. My whole self is based on healthy boundaries and on clarity…which can mean “NO” that is not right for me….

I look forward to working with you and helping you to experience magnificent YOU in the middle of the wild ride of life with all it’s ups and downs.

A recent client from Vancouver gave me this review:

“She was a truly genuine healer. She made me feel completely comfortable during the session and was able to work through my trauma/patterns with practical tools and spirituality. She gave me a new perspective and guide with her generous support. I felt much lighter and relief after the wonderful session with her.”

From another client:

“I give you thanks for all that you do in shedding light where I cannot see”.